Friday, 25 November 2011

I wish i was there

guys! i really wish that i can go there

but where it is?hmm..i'll tell u now!

1stly..i wish i was at 2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR 
OMO! it's today! 25 November 2011

but why u want to go there?
well..i want to go there bcoz i want to meet ||
cute right? well..he from Thailand!
i hope i can meet him at his hometown! :D

Cute! well..he also cute!

2nd..i wish i was at MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Award)
it held at "SINGAPORE"

hmmm.but why u want to go there?
hmmm..bcoz i want to meet SUPER JUNIOR!especially >>

kyaa!! kyeopta!

my responsible oppa!!!
Lastly! i wish i can go there>> MO.A 2011 in Kuala Lumpur

and..i hope i can meet SUPER JUNIOR n B1A4!



okay! untill to go..bcoz 2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR want to started! just left..hmmmmm
OMO! 10 mins more! kyaaa!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011



guys! yeah..maybe u've know this things..last day..SS4 in Seoul right?
so..i thought i want to share some pic..
Hope u guys enjoy! :D

Untill here okay!
lastly..please support SUPER JUNIOR! :D

Monday, 21 November 2011

Final! Malaysia Go! :D


malam nieyh..Malaysia lwn Indonesia! OMO?!
mereka lawan buat kali k-2..lawak ann?

tapi..mereka lawan nieyh utk apa ek?
la! x kan x tau kowt..mereka lawan yg Suka Sea ke-26 la..

btw..Malaysia..GO GO!

ada siaran langsung x tv?
mest la ada! start jam 8.30 malam.. rasa aq x tgk kowt..mungkin jam 9.30 malam baru aku tengok!hee^_^
sebab..aku nak layan jap cerita korea jap! heee^_^

Malaysia a.k.a Harimau Malaya

Indonesia a.k.a Garuda

what do u think?who'll win between Malaysia or Indonesia?!


Friday, 18 November 2011

Last Day at School


hey! well..on Thursday (17/11/2011) was the last day i went to school..
n after this..HOLIDAY!yeah! :D

so..i thought i want to make picspam wih u..well..all of this at my school..=)
hope u guys enjoy it..:D

I love u my friends! :D

Guys! actually i've more pic..but.until here okay..see ya! Happy Holiday.. :D

Congratz! :D


oppsss..near to 1.00 a.m?! OMO! n i'm still not sleep?
hahaha..btw..i want to say congratz!

1stly..congratz to those get 5A's in UPSR!
those that not get 5A''s okay..u guys have study right?
maybe u guys can try hard! don't play more  okay..

2nd..congratz for Team Malaysia..

yeah! i'm so proud to be Malaysia! Malaysia win 1-0 with Indonesia..
sorry Indonesia..but..maybe u can try later..ngeee^__^
Malaysia Chukkae! n
Khairul Fahmi or goal keeper of Team Malaysia..good job 4 ur work!

Team Malaysia or Harimau Malaya! u guys did a great job! i'm so proud with u guys!

that alls! i want to sleep..goodnight guys! have a sweet dreams..

again..CONGRATZ those get 5A's n to TEAM MALAYSIA a.k.a. HARIMAU MALAYA! :D

Saturday, 12 November 2011



guys! sorry bcoz so long not update! btw do u miss me?
hahah..actually i want to tell u 1 things!

hmmmmm..wait2..what i want to tell?aishhh! forget!
yeah! now i remember it..

FINALLY! i've finished read this book *YES BOSS*
i just read that book only 1 day!i'm *PROUD* LOL!

well..this is my 1st time i read the book that very thick in 1 day..
so..that's why i'm so happy n proud! xD

so..let's see it's cover..c'mon guys! don't shy okay..^__~

sincerely-D.Y.A.N.A (aNa)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

She'll back to her hometown (Japan)

Assalamualaikum! huk3..i'm so sad..bcoz my teacher from Jpan will go back to Japan! :( friend n i will sing this song to her.. n..this Tuesday..we'll have Farewell Party for Her..
we make it special for lovely Japan Teacher..Kumi Sensei..

Original / Romaji Lyrics

Itsumademo taeru koto naku 
Tomodachi de iyou 
Asu no hi wa yume mite 
Kibou no michi wo

Sora wo tobu tori no you ni 
Jiyuu ni ikiru 
Kyou no hi wa sayounara 
Mata au hi made

Kyou no hi wa sayounara 
Mata au hi made

Shinjiau yorokobi wo 
Taisetsu ni shiyou 
Kyou no hi wa sayounara 
Mata au hi made
 Mata au hi made

English Translation

Let's be friends 
Forever, without end 
Tomorrow, we'll dream 
About the path of hope

Like the birds winging through the sky 
We will live freely 
So long, farewell for today 
Until the day we meet again

So long, farewell for today 
Until the day we meet again

Let's treasure 
The joy of trusting each other 
So long, farewell for today 
Until the day we meet again